Wake Up America, Inc.

Wake Up America, Inc.
Reclaiming America's Godly Heritage

America Rejects Godly Heritage

Wake Up America, Inc. is deeply concerned about America's incremental departure from her Godly heritage. We believe that continued indifference towards this departure spells ruin for our nation and her people.

Wake Up America, Inc. Wages War

Wake Up America, Inc. seeks to educate, equip and call to action individuals, churches, and other like-minded organizations to Reclaim America's Godly Heritage. We are passionate about this mission because we believe that a war is waging for the souls of our nation and her people. God is calling His people to action. Respond and get involved! Begin by reviewing the Ministry Message section of our site to see how you can make a difference.

Your Support Counts

We rely solely on the stewardship of giving from individuals, churches and others to continue our work. If you wish to provide a tax-deductible contribution, please click on Support WUA, Inc. for additional information about giving to our ministry.

Need Prayer?

We believe in the power of prayer. If you need prayer support, make your Prayer Requests known to us via the Spiritual Needs section of our web site. We will pray with you concerning your specific needs.